Commercial Line Specialties

Condominiums Associations

What is the association’s responsibility to insure vs. what is the individual unit-owners responsibility? Are we covered for water damage? What about mold? What is our responsibility to a visitor or a tenant of the condominium? What changes were enacted in the most recent condominium law amendment? With so much uncertainty surrounding condominium projects, you need to be sure you are working with the industry experts. Bernard Williams & Company’s dedicated condominium staff takes a consultative approach to educating the association and its members on how the new condo law affects each of us. BWC has established a highly specific expertise in navigating the claims, legal and insurance mine-field of condominium associations. Let us see if our condominium program is a fit for you!


Do you have a Risk Manager for your church? Bernard Williams & Company has staff dedicated solely to the Risk Management, legal, insurance and accountability needs of your church and staff. Through a series of one-on-one meetings with the several members of your clergy and lay staff and volunteers, we identify which of our services are a good fit for your church. You are also invited to join any and all of our quarterly educational seminars for church leaders and biblical leadership.


The economy is very challenging, especially for contractors. As a contractor, it is a fine line between being over-insured and under-insured. You need to be able to qualify for projected jobs without spending thousands of dollars annually on contract requirements that are not necessary. Our team of contractor specialists has over 75 years of experience. BWC gets into the details, reviewing your subcontractor contracts as well as job contracts. Bonding requirements for contractors i also becoming more prevalent and increasingly difficult. BWC also has bond professionals on staff to handle your contract bond requirements. Let us show you where we can make an impact on not just your insurance costs, but your total business costs.


Do you own a hotel, restaurant, apartment or another hospitality service? There can be inhospitable aspects of the hospitality industry. BWC has a dedicated team to focus on the unique exposures of the hospitality and service industry. Let us lower your administrative costs while you juggle management of both staff and patrons. Our programs are specifically designed to empower your management team to be as efficient as possible with their informed decisions while incurring little to no additional costs. Let us come talk to you about your multiple exposures, whether it be human resources, third-party patrons, workers’ compensation, etc. We have an answer for you.


Do you need to TIPS train your employees? How has the ‘Bar Card’ affected you? Do you have all the coverage that you really need? Restaurants traditionally have very slim margins; we have developed relationships with service providers and Insurance Companies to work with you to lower your total costs of doing business. BWC has an extensive book of restaurant business, and we know coverage restaurants need and are cognizant of the cost restraints of providing the same. We will work with you to lower your overall exposure while increasing risk confidence.

Workers Compensation

Has Workers Compensation coverage strained your bottom-line? Are you unsure how the Experience Modification factor really works? Do you feel that there is too much fraud in the Workers Compensation system? Bernard Williams & Company can help you. We have professionals specifically trained to teach and provide Workers Compensation cost management strategies that will guarantee to lower your Workers Compensation costs while providing you a better understanding of how to mitigate your costs into the future. The cost of WC is tremendous, and it is only going to become more costly in years to come. Contact BWC to have a full forensic analysis performed on your company’s Workers Compensation coverage and claims management program. We can save you time and money today!