Wealth. Lawsuits. It’s easy to assume a relationship between the two. Unfortunately, that assumption is a common error made by most people.

That is why personal umbrella insurance is so important. Anyone can be sued, regardless of income level, for just about any reason. Personal liability lawsuits can result in judgments amounting to six and seven figures. If you’re not covered by an umbrella insurance policy, you could be risking everything – your car, your home, the lifestyle to which you and your family are accustomed, and possibly even your future income. Umbrella insurance provides liability coverage above and beyond the limits of your other policies; these might include your automobile policy,  boat policy, and  homeowners policy. It will also cover you in areas which you are legally liable in cases that might not be covered under one of your primary coverages, like auto insurance.

Will your primary insurance be enough?

Typical auto, homeowners, and other property insurance liability limits are not adequate to cover the large court judgments being awarded these days. If you ever have to pay such a judgment a personal umbrella insurance policy can provide extra protection and may help you safeguard your assets. This policy provides the added protection you may need if you are held liable in certain situations, such as when someone is:

  • Injured on your property
  • Injured in an accident involving your auto or boat
  • Injured in a hunting accident