Savannah is a special city – full of gorgeous tree-lined streets, historical masterpieces and lovely homes – just like yours.

Savannah is also a city of breathtaking views of the water and low-lying land, which can be a recipe for disaster when you least expect it.

Every year, thousands of homeowners discover that their standard insurance policies don’t cover floods and water damage; and for most of them, this knowledge comes at a steep price. Make sure that your property and belongings are adequately insured against the ravages of floods with Bernard Williams & Company, Savannah’s premier insurance provider for over 75 years. We use our in-depth knowledge of our city’s geography and our years of expertise in providing the ideal level of coverage for every situation to ensure that whatever the weather, your investment in your home is protected.

In some locations, flood insurance will be required by your mortgage holder when you buy a home. Trust us to find the perfect policy to fulfill your obligations to your lender. In other areas, whether or not to purchase flood insurance may be your choice. Don’t be led to believe that because your home is not located in a flood zone, you are throwing your money away with flood insurance. According to Federal Flood Hazard Research, a partner of the National Flood Insurance Program, approximately one quarter of all flood claims come from homes that are not in flood zone areas. Many things can cause your home to flood, including rapid precipitation accumulation, broken water pipes or damage from a mudflow. Keep in mind that if your home is not in a flood zone, you could receive a discount on your flood insurance premium.

Our government often provides help to citizens during times of disaster, but it is also unwise to depend on emergency disbursements to over your replacement and repair expenses. Some homeowners mistakenly believe that federal disaster assistance will compensate them for damages to their home. Federal disaster assistance is often available but it comes in the form of a low-interest loan and does not provide for personal losses. In addition, these loans are only available if the president declares your location a “federal disaster area.”

An investment of a few well-placed dollars can ensure that you have options when the unthinkable actually happens. At Bernard Williams & Company, we want you to rest easy, knowing that if the rivers rise and the marshes swell, you’re ready for them.