When you started your business, it felt like starting a family.

You nurtured your idea, launched it into the world, and helped it grow. And as a business owner, you know that like a family member, your business needs protection. You can depend on Bernard Williams & Company to take care of your business – because when you purchase your Commercial Property insurance from us, we welcome you into OUR family.

For over 75 years, Bernard Williams & Company has been providing the business owners of Savannah, GA with the perfect combination of coverage to ensure that their companies are not only secure and protected, but to also provide coverage that is affordable, so that you can use your profits in the best possible way – to continue to grow your business! When you purchase your Commercial Property insurance from us, we protect your business’ physical goods (buildings, signs, equipment and other potentially valuable items) as well as the personal property of your employees. Our policies can offer options such as business interruption coverage or machinery coverage, protection from criminal theft or vandalism and other unforeseen events.

While it is possible to buy a separate policy for every type of coverage, most businesses opt for a Commercial multi-peril policy providing a package of coverage across a variety of threats. The experts at Bernard Williams & Company can design a perfect menu plan from our buffet of options, creating the ideal coverage plan for your business. From the most basic safety net to the most comprehensive and individualized network of coverage, we’re here to match the scope of your business with the perfect policy. Business owners can buy commercial property insurance whether they own, rent, or lease a building, so make sure the important components that keep your business running smoothly are covered!

As a business owner, you have a lot of things on your mind. Let us give you less to worry about – ask us about our Commercial Property plans today.