BUY LOCAL SAVANNAH board of directors appoints Dan Pavlin as its president. One of the organization’s efforts this year will include supporting Savannah City Council’s efforts to keep the city safe.

(Savannah, GA) Dan Pavlin, Bernard Williams & Company’s Vice President of Commercial Lines is the new, volunteer president of the BUY LOCAL SAVANNAH board of directors. The organization’s board of directors approved Pavlin as its president at the January 12 meeting. Pavlin previously served as BUY LOCAL’s Vice President.

One of several positive changes planned for BUY LOCAL is expanding its advocacy in the community, “including our support of Savannah’s City Council to help keep Savannah safe,” Pavlin said. According to Pavlin, there are a number of positive changes planned for BUY LOCAL in 2016, such as expanding its board of directors.

Other initiatives planned for BUY LOCAL include drawing more attention to the long-term benefits of a strong, local business community. Pavlin explained “we want to highlight the need for preferential treatment of locally run and independent businesses as well as the value that these businesses present to Savannah’s major industries.”

In addition, Pavlin said, “BUY LOCAL SAVANNAH will be implementing a BUY LOCAL holiday incentive to help promote local branding during the big Holiday shopping weekends.” These efforts, he noted, will be added benefits to the organization’s regular education and networking meetings.

ABOUT BUY LOCAL SAVANNAH: The organization was formed in 1999 when several Savannah businessmen determined there was a need for an association of local firms to mount a comprehensive campaign encouraging local shoppers to buy from local businesses. Over the years, BUY LOCAL SAVANNAH has grown to be recognized as a leading advocacy group for locally owned enterprise.

Established in 1934 by Bernard F. Williams, Bernard Williams & Company is independently owned and serves the insurance and risk management needs of over 4,000 businesses and families throughout Georgia and the Southeast. Headquartered in Savannah, Bernard Williams & Company offers clients a winning combination of quality, service and value from a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies.

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