At Bernard Williams and Company, we, like you, are monitoring the potential projected paths of Hurricane Dorian. At this time, there is still a lot of uncertainty of the impact our coastal region will experience. In the event of an evacuation, or our office being closed during active storm conditions over the next few days, we will have our phone systems redirected to our continuity back up service. This service will have access to your policy information and can assist you in reporting a claim. You can also reach our continuity back up service directly by calling 1-866-971-1376.

We are providing you this link to the claims reporting page of our website This page provides phone numbers for the majority of our insurance carriers as well as links to many of the carrier websites to assist you in reporting your claim directly to your insurance carrier.

Please locate your insurance policy(ies) and take them with you in the event we are ordered to evacuate or you need to report a claim. Your carrier will be listed on the policy as well as your policy number. The policy will probably also include claim reporting instructions.

In the event you have a claim, please make every effort to report your claim directly to your insurance company. Carriers will be set up with Catastrophe teams ready to respond. Waiting to report your claim by calling our office after we reopen may cause delays in responding to your immediate needs. We are happy to handle these matters for you, but if you report the claim to us we will then report to the company on your behalf, potentially slowing the response process.

We are hoping for the best outcomes but preparing for any eventuality to assist you if the need arises.

In addition, here are some links to help you prepare for the potential storm:

Please, once we learn more of the potential impact our area will experience, take every precaution to maintain your personal safety.


The Management and Staff of Bernard Williams and Company

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